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Owner: Tom & Melanie Barnaba


Owner: Melvin Baker

2010 GMC PROTOTYPE R2SX Pamela & Melvin Baker

This 2010 Sierra "Concept Truck" was purchased in an estate auction in Arlington TX. After the auction we learned that this truck was previously the property of a GMC engineer partly responsible for the R2SX designation but was never placed into production. This is a ONE-OFF

Owner: Foster & Linda Blair

5.0 l Luxe Model

Owner: Doug & Pat Thornton


Owner: Barry & Lisa Prehodka

Color/ Desc GM CAB

Owner: Nicole Serkes


Owner: Joe & Laura Burkhard


Owner: Doug & Pat Thornton


Owner: Dave & Diane Weber


Owner: Gino Giocondi


Owner: Troy & Teresa Coates


Owner: Larry & Nancy McElreavy

White/Convertible Shelby American

Owner: Prentiss & Helen Davis

2013 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport Red

Owner: Tim & Melina

ZL1 - Orange

Owner: John Hammond


Owner: Rick & Marilyn Ferrell

switchblade Silver 60th anniversary

Owner: Bill and Diane Rose


Owner: Albert & Sandi Masri

white - convertible

Owner: Steve & Sally

White Convertible

Owner: Bill & Donna Brown