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Owner: Bill and Linda Parise

1937 Ford Pick Up - 3.5 Mustang motor with a turbo charger, 5 speed manual

Owner: Dave and Terry Bayowski


Owner: Bill and Linda Parise

1938 Ford Pick UP - 350 Chevy with auto trans

Owner: Jim & Shirley Zimmerman

stock except for the wheel

Owner: Scott and Karen Smith

Hot Rod Fire Truck with Sire en - Red with Dalmatian

Owner: Dave and Terry Bayowski

old school rod

Owner: Dennis Arledge


Owner: Jerry Goodrich


Owner: Stephen and Michelle Klunk


Owner: Joseph Frankunas


Owner: Jerry Rindock


Owner: Roger Henson


Owner: Dennis and Kathy Herron


Owner: Tressie Aslinger

3 doors tilt hood

Owner: Bill and Diane Rose

LT1, TH350 - 2 dr. Coupe

Owner: Bill and Diane Rose


Owner: Robert and Gail Slippy

2dr, custom body 454

Owner: John & Kate Coffman

1951 Chevy Truck w/ 454 Engine

W/ Bucket seats and narrowed

Rear axle

Owner: Mark & Barbara Dunnavant

2 door All mopar 318 magnum

Owner: Dick Williams